Have you ever wanted to see an inspirational speaker but have never had the opportunity due to price or location? Well now you can for FREE!

My name is Gethin Jones and I am now an Inspirational Speaker, Trainer and Coach and have created a business called “Gethin Jones Unlocking Potential”. My motto is “I unlocked my potential, now let me unlock yours”. The story is one of my own transformation that I now want to share with others who may be trapped in services, systems and believe they will never achieve more than they have…

Hear how, 10 years ago, I started on a journey of change that has led me to being both personally and professionally successful:

  1. I went from being unemployable to being a Service Manager within Portsmouth City Council and Public Health, overseeing a staff team of 40.
  2. I went from having no qualifications to now being educated to degree level equivalent.
  3. I went from being totally isolated to having amazing family and friends in my life and I can support them as much as they support me.

More from Gethin at http://unlockingthepotential.co.uk/