Here's the latest regular weekly activities at the Centre. Further information is available from our friendly reception team on 02392 892010 or by Email.
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HIIT & Core 9.30am £2.60
Monday Movers 10.30am £2.60
Arm Chair Exercise 11.30am £2.60
Spin Bike 12pm £3.80
Exercise after Stroke 1.30pm £2.50
Healthy Hooping 6pm £4
Viva Gymnastics Club 4pm-9pm email
Circuits 6pm £3.50
Trampolining 5pm, 6pm & 7pm POA
Pilates 5pm £6.20
Kung Fu 7pm call
iCafe 7pm FREE
Legs, Bums and Tums 9.30am £2.60
Adult Ballet 9.30am £5
Pilates 10.30am £4.60
Heart2Art 5pm call
Adult Ballet 6pm £5.00
Youth Club Football 7pm FREE
Clubbercise 7.15pm £5
Total Toning 10am £2.60
Light & Easy 11am  £2.60
Spin Bike 12pm £3.80
Debt & Legal Clinic (UoP) 10am FREE
Seated Sosa Dance 1pm £2.60
Short Mat Bowls 2pm £2
Junior Indoor Tennis 4pm call
Viva Gymnastics Club 4pm-9pm email
Youth Club Football 5.30pm FREE
Healthy Hooping 8pm £4
Sosa Dance 10.30am £2.60
Line Dancing 2pm £5.50
HITT & Core 5.15pm £2.60
Martial Arts 6pm call
iCafe 7pm FREE
Youth Club Football 7pm FREE
Pilates 10am £4.60
Modified Circuits 10am £2.60
Pottery Club 10.30am call
Friday Movers 11am £2.60
Seated Sosa Dance 2.30pm £2.60
Viva Gymnastics Club 4pm-9pm email
Taekwondo 6pm £5
Circuits 6pm £3.50
Youth Club Football 7pm FREE
Bingo 7pm call
Trampolining 9.00am call
Tai Chi 10.30am £5
Kids Kamon Martial Arts 10.30am call
Church (Christ Central) 10.30am FREE